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How to connect Allset and Google Calendar

Steps to connect your Google Calendar with Allset to automate tipping


Connect Allset to Google Calendar

Connect Allset to your Google Calendar following the steps below:



Google + Allset setup can only be done on a desktop or laptop. It will not work on a cellphone or iPad/tablet.


Step 1: From your Google Calendar, go to My Calendars and hover over the calendar you'd like to share. Click the three dots for Options > Settings and sharing 


Step 2: Click in the left hand column Share with specific people > Add People 


Step 3: Enter email address integration@allsethq.com and click Send


Step 4: Share secret address in iCal format


You will need to add your customer's cell phone number in the 'Description' of each calendar appointment in order for us to send messages.


Still have more questions? Email us at support@allsethq.com. We read every email, and will get back to you.