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How to connect Allset and Housecall Pro

Steps to connect your HouseCall Pro calendar with Allset to automate tipping


Housecall Pro

Connect to Housecall Pro

Connect Allset to your Housecall Pro account by following the steps below: 


Step 1: In the top right hand corner, click into your Account Settings 


Step 2: Select Employees


Step 3: In the top right hand corner, click '+'  Employee


Step 4: Enter Allset information 

  • First & Last Name: Allset Support
  • Mobile number: (801) 316-8142
  • Email Address: yourcompanyname@allsethq.com
  • Password: This will default to the last name entered unless you input otherwise.

Step 5: Set Allset permissions to Admin/Owner

Step 6: Click Save to invite Allset!



Still have more questions? Email us at support@allsethq.com. We read every email, and will get back to you.