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How to connect Allset and The Customer Factor

Three easy steps to connect The Customer Factor with Allset


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Connect to The Customer Factor

Connect Allset to your Customer Factor account in three easy steps below:


Step 1: From the home screen, click on MY ACCOUNT > MANAGE USERS.



Step 2: At the bottom of the page, enter Allset information under Add New User

  • First Name: Allset
  • Last Name: HQ
  • E-mail: yourcompanyname@allsethq.com
  • Username: AllsetHQ


'Yes' must be selected for Administrator access.


Step 3: Click Create User


Once you've saved Allset as a user, an invitation will be sent via email to the Allset support team. After we accept the invitation, we will be able to send messages to your customers after completed service appointments.


Still have more questions? Email us at support@allsethq.com. We read every email, and will get back to you.